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Mortgage Payment protection insurance.

If you cant work due to sickness accident or redundancy make sure your mortgage payments don't suffer along with you.

Mortgage payment protection insurance (MPPI) or accident sickness and redundancy cover (ASU) as it is also known is protection that is intended to cover your mortgage payment and associated insurances, against accident sickness and redundancy.

We provide quotes for MPPI from the leading provider of online payment protection insurance, British Insurance Ltd. The contract that they provide, details of which can be accessed through the system below, is one of the best in the market and as a company they are always trying to offer the lowest premiums available.

The aim of British INsurances MPPI is to pay out a monthly benefit to meet your mortgage repayments for up to 1 year if you are not able to work due to sickness, accident  or unemployment.

Key benefits of the plan include :-

  • Very low prices
  • Excellent cover
  • Few exclusions
  • No excess period
  • Tax free benefits
  • A choice of cover
  • Interest free payments
key benefits will be subject to individual circumstances and may not apply in all cases

If you would like a free no obligation quotation on this plan please use the free realtime quote system below once you have a quote, and are happy with it, you will be taken to the British Insurance application system were you will be able to get all the key features of the plan and apply online.

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