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Why insure a mortgage?

To ensure people make informed decisions about protection it is important to know all the facts that can have an effect on that decision.

For most people buying a property and getting a mortgage on that property is going to be the biggest financial arrangement they are ever going to make.

It is for that reason that we seek all the advice we can get from mortgage advisors solicitors and surveyors to ensure that no costly mistakes are made.

That said when it comes to protecting that arrangement many of us overlook the possibility that something may be available to us. We do make sure in most cases that we have buildings insurance but sometimes that is only because a lender insists on us getting the building insured to protect their interests.

When it comes to life insurance we just don't really give it much consideration at all.

So why should we?

In short we should insure a mortgage against death at the very least as to not do so would leave our loved ones without a roof over their heads should the unthinkable happen.

All of us should make sure that we have adequate life insurance to protect our standard of living but in the absence of that we should at the very least ensure that if we were to die the mortgage on our homes would be repaid in full.

In addition as you will find from pages within our site you can also protect your mortgage against the chance of suffering a critical illness meaning that if for example you suffer a heart attack or contract cancer you will feel comfortable knowing that at least your mortgage will be paid off and that is regardless of what the out come of your condition is so you could get better and still have no  mortgage left as the life insurance company would have paid it off for you.

Please note any critical illness suffered would have to be from a specified list, and that the life assured would usually need to survive a number of qualifying days before the benefit would be paid out.

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