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Base rate Tracker....

Base rate trackers became very popular as the bank of England base rate started to decline.

This was due mainly to the fact that everyone wants their mortgage linked to a rate that is reducing.

In the lest 5 years the bank base rate has been on a steady decline and other than a couple of minor rises late last year and early this year is still at levels not seen in thirty years.

In addition historically lenders have been slow to change their mortgage variable rate and as a lot of mortgage customers are either on standard variable rate or a discounted mortgage off the variable rate, being tied to a rate that is slow to change can be financially costly.

Much like a variable rate discount mortgage all a base rate tracker is, is a mortgage that tracks the fall and rise of the bank of England base rate. Some base rate trackers have a built in discount and some are just a set percentage or part thereof over the banks base rate.

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