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The Mortgage Route conveyancing service

Conveyancing fees for property remortgages

Mortgage Routes Online Property Conveyance service

This page will provide conveyancing fees for remortgages only

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This tool will allow you to obtain a free anonymous real-time online quote for conveyancing.

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Conveyancing fees

This is the cost of getting a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to act on your behalf in conveyance of your property sale or purchase.

Conveyancing involves ensuring all the title deeds and contractual documents are drawn up correctly and also ensuring that correct ownership of the property is recorded with the HM land registry office

Behind the estate agents fees your conveyancing fees are probably the most expensive part of the whole property buying process.

Here at Mortgage Route we aim to get all things property and mortgage related at the best possible price for your the customer that is why we have teamed up with a few different solicitors to ensure that prices are both affordable but most of all competitive.

If you want a free quotation on what your conveyancing fees should be please complete our simple form below and one of our advisors will obtain a no obligation quote on your behalf.

In the meantime please also find below an example of the types of costs that can be incurred in conveyancing. Please note that this is only a guide and is no substitute for a full complete quotation from a qualified and licensed conveyancer.

In order to act for you, solicitors will charge a fee to cover their time. Typically 350.00 upwards, dependent on the value of the house. This fee will normally attract VAT.

In addition to the cost of their time they will also include additional costs know commonly as disbursements. These are detailed below.

Stamp Duty- a tax on the purchase of property there are some areas in the country were it is exempt so please check with your solicitor to see if yours is applicable.

Current Stamp Duty levels are as follows
0 to 120,000 is 0% of transfer
1% over 120,000 to 250,000 1% of transfer
250,001to 500,000 3% of transfer
500,001 + 4% of transfer

Local search - A search carried out to establish if there are any plans, from the local area, being submitted with the council that could affect the security - 100 upwards

Land registry - This is the fee charged by the land registry office,
which is a place where there is a record kept of the property, ownership and the mortgages secured. It is charged to cover the
admin costs for altering the registry to record the new title and the new debt being secured. 40 upwards

Bankruptcy search - A search carried out to establish if the purchaser is an undisclosed bankrupt. An un-discharged bankrupt is not allowed to apply for credit without the courts permission. 2.00 per applicant.

Telegraphic transfer - This is when money is transferred electronically. 25.00 to 35.00 approx.

Official Search- A search carried out, again with the land registry, to confirm that no information has been recorded to restrict the transfer, such as a caution put on the property by a creditor of the owner to ensure they get paid once the property sells. Failure to do this could result in the new owner being responsible for this liability if not it will cause inconvenience to sort out. 4.00

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